My name is Liana,

I’m a visual storyteller who’s specializing in Digital Services and Business to improve user experiences, enthusiastic solo female traveler and support group mentor for The Finnish Stuttering Association (FSA) speech club.

Currently I’m working as an Application Specialist and voluntary work for The Finnish Stuttering Association (FSA), including Stamily. In which I maintain The Finnish Stuttering Association Instagram page ankytysyhdistys and help out with Stamily‘s website.

For the summer 2020 my goal is to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Information Technology (BBA). I see a great possibility to make a difference on the user experience by creating more successful and thought-through products, services and systems. 

The best part with user process is to investigate and experience the scenarios as the users by living through the problem and trying to get 360 degrees view of the situation. My main professional goal is to constantly develop myself with a smile on my face, and work towards making people’s life easier, safer and to have that little extra spark of joy.

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